Intellectual Output 2

Intellectual Output 2

Modules and Video Series

Video series is planned as a simple way to learn how to use the tools. It can be reachable using the e-learning platform and website of the project. The videos will cover video modules that include instructions on Web 2.0 tools. Each module will be explained in a video. But if necessary its number will be increased based on the discussions in the workshops and transnational meetings.

The videos will include subtitles on the partners’ native languages. Modules and video series give a new easy way to learn Web 2.0 tools for teachers. Modules include comprehensive and up to date information for Web 2.0 tools. The video series will have audiovisual explanations on each module. The Video Series will involve instructions and explanations on how to use Web 2.0 tools and interactive content. The video series will be developed by using screen capture methods. Therefore, the video series will introduce teachers a list of different Web 2.0 tools and give information on how to use them in their hybrid classes. The primary and secondary teachers will have quick access to videos through the project’s e-learning platform.


This output will address primary and secondary teachers. However, it can be used by all relevant stakeholders at national and international level.

Work Package 1 – Decision of Tools and Modules

The foreseen modules by the coordinator of the project are titled below. However, new modules can be added or removed through a common agreement by the project consortium after examining the workshops and state of art analysis.

Titles of the modules are:

1-Content Management System,

2-Online Meeting,

3-Online Storage & File Sharing,

4-Online Survey,

5-Concept Map and Drawing Tools,

6-Word Clouds,

7-Animation & Videos,

8-Online Class.

Activity1- For each module, different Web 2.0 tools will be chosen to be included in the video series. These Web 2.0 tools which will be covered in the video series will be agreed at the transnational meeting with all partners. According to State of Art outcomes, the tools which are needed more will be given priority.

Activity 2- The modules will be distributed among the project consortium considering their experiences and capacities.

Activity 3- Each partner (Gulbenes, VAEV, EDUCENTRUM, APEC, La Palma, BTE, and SPEL) will prepare the content of the videos and determine the scope of the videos for the module they are responsible for. Experts of the partner institutions will be responsible for instructions in the video series.

Activity 4 – The scenarios of the videos will be prepared by the assigned partners.

Work Package 2 – Building up of Content of the Videos and Recording of the Videos.

APEC will be responsible for the recording of the videos. They will create the proper environment for the shooting.

Activity1- Gulbenes will prepare an outline for the modules and video series. This outline will cover the required points to be considered in the content such as the design, and examples. The subjects will be focused on and the videos will be selected according to the outline. The number of videos will be set by partners.

Activity 2- The content of each video will be prepared by the assigned partner.

Activity 3 – Videos will have a multi-language function. So, each partner (Gulbenes, VAEV, EDUCENTRUM, La Palma, BTE, and SPEL) will translate the content into their own language. The Turkish translation will be done by BTE.

Activity 4- APEC will integrate the languages into videos.

Activity 5- The video series will be published on the e-learning platform. APEC will be responsible for the publishing and follow-up of the video series. Access to the video series will be supplied from the e-learning platform. Users can give feedback and advice by using the feedback function of the e-learning platform.

Activity 6- A youtube channel will be opened by EDUCENTRUM. This video channel will be used to increase access to the videos. Teachers can also reach the materials in the video series through the project’s e-learning platform.

Activity 7- A newsletter will be prepared by VAEV. All partners will send this newsletter to the stakeholders in their contact list.