Intellectual Output 3

Intellectual Output 3 – E-Learning Platform

E-learning platform provides the primary and secondary teachers with easy access to the Web 2.0 tools. This platform will be accessible for primary and secondary teachers when they create an account for themselves. E-learning platform creates a personal education channel for teachers. This output offers teachers a platform which they can use in order to develop their abilities on the digital tools and how to integrate WEB2 tools in their hybrid education. COVID-19 pandemic showed that traditional education cannot be maintained during the pandemic. Our e-learning platform will help teachers to continue the education through online channels. The main aim of this output is to supply teachers a platform they can use for learning Web 2.0 tools and how to use them in their hybrid education practises.


The primary and secondary teachers are the main target of this output. The curriculum, guidetool, and the video series will be on the e-learning platform.

Work Package 1- Building up

Activity 1- BTE will be the lead partner of this output and develop e-learning platform. BTE will upload all project’s outputs into the platform. A simple using platform will be designed. It will have quick access to the materials. The system will include clear and understandable guidance for users’ searches. Teachers will enter the system with their own usernames and passwords. The platform will arrange for users can see their own history and summary of progress.

Activity 2- For the frequently asked questions section, questions will be formed related to teachers’ needs according to the State of Art Report. EDUCENTRUM will develop the questions and answer them. With these questions, frequently asked questions section of the system will be shaped.

Activity 3- In order to prepare useful links part of the platform, a literature review will be performed by EDUCENTRUM . Findings from this review will be put into the useful links section.

Activity 4- Each partner (Gulbenes, VAEV, EDUCENTRUM, APEC, La Palma, BTE, and SPEL) will translate the platform into their native language. The Turkish translation will be done by APEC.

Work Package 2- Pilot scheme

La Palma del Condado Municipality will be the responsible partner for piloting. Online pre and post questionnaires will be used in order to measure the success of the project’s outputs. Pre-questionnaire and post-questionnaire will be prepared by Gulbenes novada vidusskola . Based on the results of piloting scheme, and quality assurance forms of each project output the project consortium will make the last changes to the project outputs.

Activity 1- Gulbenes, La Palma del Condado Municipality, APEC, and EDUcentrum will determine the participants for piloting in their countries. Each partner will choose 20 teachers to use the e-learning platform and materials for the pilot scheme.

Activity 2- It will start with 2 days of introductory training. The target of this training is the participants of the pilot scheme.

Activity 3- On the first day of the training, the participant will be provided with a short description of our project, a representation of the platform, and explanation on how to use it.

Activity 4- There will be a pre-questionnaire and post-questionnaire. The questionnaires will be prepared by APEC and BTE. Pre-questionnaire will test the first opinion of the teachers about the platform on the first day of the training. After the pre-questionnaire, teachers will be informed about the purpose and usage of the e-learning platform.

Activity 5- On the second day, practice for teachers will be done. Teachers will have a chance to experience the platform.

Activity 6- End of the 2-day training, there will be a post-questionnaire. Post-questionnaire will involve the consideration of the teachers. It will analyze if teachers find it beneficial, or not.

Activity 7- After the 2-day of training, the participants will continue the piloting activities with the rest of the learning materials.

Activity 8- Piloting Teachers’ feedback will be used to revise and fix the e-learning platform.

Activity 9- The e-learning platform will be open for public access. The operational process of the platform will be tracked by APEC. Using the feedback function of the platform, users can make comments about the platform from the feedback option of the platform. Developments can be made according to users’ feedback by APEC.

Activity 10- An e-newsletter will be prepared by La Palma. After preparing the newsletter, La Palma will share it with partners through the project’s Google Drive. All partners will send this newsletter to the stakeholders.