Intellectual Output 1

Intellectual Output 1

A Curriculum for Integrating Web 2.0 Tools into Hybrid Education

The leader of this output is Gulbenes novada vidusskola. The curriculum will be developed after a thorough State of Art Analysis. All partners will conduct a State of Art Research in their country and Europe. After combining the results, a common report will be delivered. This report will be the scientific basis for curriculum and other project outputs.

We will use the participatory approach in this output. We will discuss, revise and decide the strategy together with the stakeholders. We will prepare a database of the relevant stakeholders and provide them with basic information on the project. After developing a draft curriculum we will discuss it with the stakeholders in workshops and meetings and finalize according to their feedback.


The main target group of this output is primary and secondary teachers. The curriculum, we will design, will include the list of learning subjects which they need to learn Web 2.0 tools.

The curriculum will also involve the topics to be processed, how much time these topics will be studied, expected outcomes, the most appropriate method and approach for primary and secondary students.

Work Package 1 – State of Art Analysis

At the beginning of the project, a State of Art Analysis will be performed in order to observe the current situation in partner countries and the missing skills of primary and secondary teachers about Web 2.0 tools. This Analysis will be our baseline analysis for this project outputs. A common report will be prepared for measuring the knowledge of teachers about Web 2.0 tools and hybrid education and determining the missing skills of teachers. This report will also include the current situation of partner countries in hybrid education.

Activity 1. A questionnaire will be prepared by SPEL.

Activity 2. Every partner will apply the questionnaire in their countries. 30 teachers will participate in the survey from each partner country.

Activity 3. Partners (Gulbenes, VAEV, EDUCENTRUM, APEC, La Palma, BTE, and SPEL) will conduct a survey to determine the current situation of hybrid education in their country.t

Activity 4. A common format will be prepared for reporting by Gulbenes.

Activity 5. All partners will prepare reports in terms of their countries using the common format.

Activity 6. The collected results of the questionnaire and the survey will be discussed and evaluated between the project partners in an online meeting. Gulbenes will prepare a common State of Art report based on the discussions and results of the questionnaire and the survey.

Work Package 2 – Preparation of th eCurriculum

Activity 1. Gulbenes will make an outline about the curriculum. Each partner will be responsible for a section from the curriculum. They will use the results of the State of Art report in order to form the outline of the curriculum.

Activity 2. A workshop will be performed in order to evaluate the curriculum. All relevant stakeholders (academicians, representatives of educational authorities, educational institutions, public and private schools) will be invited to these workshops. Each partner organization will carry out the workshop for their country. In Turkey, APEC and BTE will organize the workshop together. If a face to face workshop is not possible we will organize online workshops. The number of participants of the workshop is decided according to their population.

Activity 3. Quality evaluation forms prepared by APEC.

Activity 4. All partners (Gulbenes, VAEV, EDUCENTRUM, APEC, La Palma, BTE, and SPEL) will apply the quality evaluation questionnaire to the participants of workshops.

Activity 5. Gulbenes will combine the results of the workshops and finalize the curriculum. Then share it with partners.

Activity 6. An online meeting will be organized and modules will be decided according to the curriculum and feedback.

Activity 7. The curriculum will be published through our e-learning platform. Primary and secondary teachers and all stakeholders can reach the curriculum via the e-learning platform.

Activity 8- A newsletter will be prepared by Gulbenes. All partners will send this newsletter to the stakeholders in their contact list.